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Open letter to Old Finance Pigs

I agree, the title of this article might be on the offensive side, and for that I am sorry. I hate insulting (even though I used to do it quite often while stuck in Mexico City’s traffic). The reason as to why I chose to insult these old finance pigs is because I can’t find a job and I am unjustly blaming them for what’s happening to me based solely on my own experience. I do hate inductive reasoning, believe me.

My experience, a mere soul without finding a job, cannot possibly constitute a strong argument for insulting a whole generation of people in the finance sector and have readers agree with me. In fact, whenever people discredit a company or other people based on past experience, I usually blow them off and think of them to be ridiculous. For example, last time I flew to Italy with easyjet, we had a two hour delay before our departure. “This is the worst airline in the world!” said a lady standing in line next to me, “The last time I flew with you I had to spend three hours doing nothing at the airport and now I have to go through it all over again and you won’t even give us food passes”. Saying that easyjet is the worst airline in the world and basing her argument on one personal experience seems not only ridiculous but also a bit exaggerated. Many other people might have had incredibly great experiences with easyjet; therefore, through her declaration, the lady was not only being selfish but also unjust. Simply because of her ill-based inductive reasoning, her word becomes a standing order and all of the other experiences people had with easyjet do not count.

Through my insulting title, I fear coming across like the “anti-easyjet lady”. I worry that people might think of me the way I thought of her. Therefore, I will no longer use my own personal experience as an accurate argument to support the fact I think of the baby-boomer generation in finance to be pigs. Nor will I talk about Massimiliano’s experience: a bright yuppie who graduated with honors in economics and finds himself jobless after working like mad for three years at Morgan Stanley as a derivatives trading analyst. That too, seems to be unjust inductive reasoning. 

Another constraint that works against my title is the fact that there are thousands of really nice finance professionals from the baby boomer generation that do not deserve to be insulted by the title of this note. As of now, if I were to formally structure my reasoning, it would be as following:

1. The baby-boomer generation in finance shunned young people from their future through unsustainable, unruly, and selfish business practices.

2. Other than representing the animal, the word “pig” represents a versatile insult to describe people that behave selfishly and in an unruly manner.

3. All of the baby-boomer generation in finance are pigs.

As you can appreciate, the conclusion of my reasoning is far from truthful mainly because the premises are wrong and weak. John Vickers’s famous conclusion that all swans were white simply because all of the swans he has seen are white is tremendously wrong. Therefore, even if I were to say that all of the finance professionals I have met are pigs (which is not even true because I have met really nice people in finance), my reasoning would be quite erroneous. 

Now that I have established that my insulting of a whole generation of finance professionals is poorly supported, I must, none the less, confess that insulting them is give me a tremendous amount of satisfaction. If I were to restructure the premises of my argument in order to make them stronger and true, my argument will be more precise:

1. Some people in the Baby-boomer generation working in finance shunned young people from their future through unsustainable, unruly, and selfish business practices.

2. Other than representing the animal, the word “pig” represents a versatile insult to describe people that behave selfishly and in an unruly manner.

3. Some people included in the baby-boomer generation in finance are pigs.

Now my readers may agree with me through a better conveyed reasoning and may be therefore convinced of the fact that some people in the finance sector are pigs. Again, if I choose to leave the title of the note unchanged, it is because of the great satisfaction I gain from insulting them. However, the first premise of my renewed argument remains weak in its truthfulness. Saying that young people have been shunned from their future is incorrect for two main reasons. One, because many young people I know have a job and are growing professionally; and two, because my own pride will refuse to acknowledge that a whole generation of pigs has shunned my wife, my friends and I from a future. If anything, they have made it harder for our generation.

The purpose of this note is therefore to let the old pigs know that a call to arms has been enacted. We, the young, creative and entrepreneurial, will do anything to place our future back on our hands. We will work sustainably, unlike you. We will keep away from wars, unlike you. We will never fail to keep in mind that that the future is more precious than money in the pocket, unlike you. Moreover, we will never forget to forgive. We will forgive, not forget. You had your chance, you blew it, and now our future is no longer in your hands. We forgive because we are not like you.

I unjustly called you pigs; take this as an opportunity to be forgiving.

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Some French dudes sponsored by Oxelo went rippin in India. Cool video.

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Permalink | 0 notes A vintage photobooth from the sixties took this picture. We found it in the basement of Le Bon Marché in Paris. It still accepted one dollar coins.